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  • MIT Self-Assembly Lab and Steelcase unveil new 3-D printing process

    The Self-Assembly Lab at MIT, Steelcase (an innovative furniture company), and designer Christophe Guberan unveiled a new 3-D printing process that uses rapid liquid printing technology to create customized furniture. details>>
  • Report indicates pressure being put on EU plastics and additive market

    A recent report from the Polymers for Europe Alliance, indicates that the limited production of titanium dioxide has driven prices to an uncompetitive level. details>>
  • BASF and Essentium teaming up to create more robust 3-D printed plastic parts

    BASF and Essentium have announced a new partnership to boost fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3-D printing technology in order to mass-produce plastic parts that are stronger and more durable. details>>
  • Scottish startup determined to use plastic material to build roads

    This month a new Scottish startup, MacRebur, has also turned its sights to using plastics to create material for road construction in order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. details>>
  • Northwestern engineers exploring 3-D printing from lunar materials

    The Tissue Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (TEAM) Laboratory at Northwestern University is exploring new processes for humans to manufacture living quarters for a colonization of the moon and Mars. details>>
  • Italian company creates biodegradable plastic casket

    An Italian startup is working on a new project that will make burial a more sustainable process by turning away from traditional casket materials and replacing them with a biodegradable plastic pod. details>>
  • Edible water bottle making waves as potential replacement for plastic packaging

    Skipping Rock Labs, a London-based startup, has begun a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube for its innovative edible packaging technology. details>>
  • GE introduces brilliant learning additive manufacturing program for employees

    General Electric (GE) announced the roll-out of a new program dedicated to teaching employees around the world about 3-D printing, big data, robotics and other advanced technologies. details>>
  • Lockheed Martin and Aerojet announce increased use of 3-D printing for aerospace

    Lockheed Martin and Aerojet Rocketdyne spoke about the increased 3-D printing capabilities that both companies are using to produce components for the aerospace industry. details>>
  • Johnson & Johnson subsidiary invests in 3-D printing for fixing broken bones

    DePuy Synthes Products, Inc., which is part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, has announced the purchase of 3-D printing technology from Tissue Regeneration Systems, Inc. details>>
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