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  • British roofing company using recycled polymers to create Envirotiles

    In 2008, Trevor Wakefield developed a new roof tile that incorporated the interlocking strength and durability of concrete tiles with the flexibility of recycled plastic. details>>
  • U.S. CPSC exempts seven plastics from phthalates testing in toys

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted unanimously to remove seven plastics from the required, independent, third-party testing to comply with mandatory phthalates regulations on children's toys and childcare articles. details>>
  • Dow introduces new barrier adhesive for flexible plastic packaging

    The Dow Chemical Company introduced its latest innovation at Interpack 2017, which is a new adhesive solution to enhance the recyclability and the shelf-life of food packaging. details>>
  • Thermal flaw detector being used in manufacture of Russian composite aircraft

    A thermal flaw detector is being used in the design and manufacture of new Russian aircraft fabricated completely from composite materials. details>>
  • Japanese materials company develops thermo-sensitive 3-D printing filament

    Unitika, an advanced materials company based in Kyoto, Japan, has developed a new thermo-sensitive 3-D printing filament that can be deformed by hand. details>>
  • English company develops catalyst to turn CO2 into polyurethane base

    Researchers at Econic Technologies, based in Cheshire, U.K., have developed novel econic catalysts (initially created at Imperial College London) for processing carbon dioxide (CO2) waste into polyols. details>>
  • Astronaut urine could be turned into plastic for long space travel

    Scientists have researched a new technique that could help make long space travel, such as to Mars, possible by converting waste materials from astronauts, including urine and carbon dioxide, to create polymers on board the ship. details>>
  • Biodegradable plastic packaging company expands into coffee

    Tipa, a New Jersey-based sustainable packaging company, will be expanding its biodegradable plastic packaging technology, which is designed to disintegrate like an orange peel when thrown away, into the coffee industry. details>>
  • 3-D printed robot translates written word to sign language

    Three engineering students provided a solution for the lack of sign language translators by creating a 3-D printed robotic arm with the Arduino Due microcontroller that converts text into sign language. details>>
  • Plastics companies make the Inc. 5000 list of fastest -growing businesses

    Inc. magazine has released its annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. and there are seven plastics companies that made the Inc. 5000. details>>
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