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  • Researchers develop milk capsules that dissolve in hot drinks

    Researchers have developed milk capsules that are covered in a crystalline sugar crust, dissolve in hot liquids, and are easier to use than traditional plastic packaging. details>>
  • Report indicates that New York waterways are swimming in plastic microbeads

    A recent report indicated that plastic microbeads from common products such as toothpastes, cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, and more have found their way into the waters around New York City. details>>
  • British recycling association asking for pressure on China after ban on recyclable material

    The British Recycling Association and Confederation of Paper Industries has called on politicians to intervene on the ban imposed in July by China on the import of recyclable materials. details>>
  • Injection molding company uses innovative automation to set itself apart

    Injection molding company Romeo RIM (Romeo, Mich.) is highlighted for its acceptance of innovative automation to boost its manufacturing processes. details>>
  • LEGO testing bioplastics as alternative to traditional plastic bricks

    The LEGO Group is already heading towards its 2030 goal of replacing 20 types of its traditional, petroleum-based plastic bricks with eco-friendly alternatives to cut its carbon dioxide emissions. details>>
  • Leading beverage manufacturer adds recycling label to plastic bottles

    Nestle Waters recently announced that it was added a clear How2Recylce instruction on the labels of its half-liter bottles on all its U.S. brands. details>>
  • APR announces third annual Plastics Recycling Showcase

    The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) has announced that it is accepting nominations for its third annual Plastics Recycling Showcase. details>>
  • Columbia Memorial Space Center receives five MOD-t 3-D printers

    The partnership between the Challenger Center and New Matter is intended to promote 3-D printing and STEM education across the U.S. details>>
  • Costa Rica announces plans to be first country to eliminate single-use plastic

    Costa Rica announced its plans to be the first nation in the world to eliminate single-use plastics and replace them with biodegradable alternatives or products made from renewable materials. details>>
  • University awarded Ecofootprint grant to explore microplastics in Lake Superior

    The University of Wisconsin-Superior recently announced that it has received an Ecofootprint Grant from Enbridge that will assist the school in continuing its efforts to study the sources of microplastics in Lake Superior and the areas near Superior and Duluth. details>>
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