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  • Researchers develop small-scale reactor to turn ocean plastic to fuel

    James Holm and organic chemist Dr. Swaminathan Ramesh presented their research on a process for transforming ocean plastics into diesel fuel through a small, mobile reactor. details>>
  • Spanish startup provides novel deinking process for plastics

    Cadel Deinking, based in Alicante, Spain, has presented a novel plastics deinking process that can produce higher quality recycling material in order to produce plastics that are similar in condition to the original. details>>
  • Adidas leading the way towards mass-produced, 3-D printed shoes

    Adidas announced a new breakthrough with its Futurecraft 4D shoes produced with Digital Light Synthesis technology created by California startup Carbon. details>>
  • British Plastics Federation announces plans to boost recycling in U.K.

    The British Plastics Federation Recycling Group (BPFRG) recently released a new strategy to boost plastic recycling across the U.K., specifically through industry-led initiatives and regulations. details>>
  • French researchers 3-D printing a home from the inside out

    A team of researchers are using Batiprint 3-D printing technology from the University of Nantes to build a five-room home called YHNOVA. details>>
  • Plastic Technologies partners with The Packaging School

    Ohio-based Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has announced that it will be partnering with The Packaging School, an online educational platform created by Clemson University. details>>
  • McLaren F1 partners with Stratasys additive manufacturing to improve performance

    McLaren Racing, one of the top teams in Formula One, has announced that it will be partnering with Stratasys to produce 3-D printed components for its 2017 F1 MCL32 car. details>>
  • French startup creates edible plastic packaging from milk protein

    Lactips, a startup company based in Saint-Etienne, France, has developed an edible plastic that is made from casein, milk protein, which it believes could revolutionize the packaging industry. details>>
  • Swedish researchers implant 3-D printed cartilage cells in mice

    Researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have successfully implanted and grown human cartilage cells in laboratory mice through the process of 3-D bioprinting. details>>
  • University of Sheffield researchers developed laser melting system for 3-D printing

    Researchers at the University of Sheffield (U.K.) have developed a 3-D printing technology, Diode Area Melting (DAM), which melts large areas while incorporating an array of individual laser diodes. details>>
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