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  • Researchers develop heat conducting plastic that could lead to lighter electronics

    Scientists at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Mich.) have developed a new, inexpensive, and scalable technique that changes the molecular structure of plastic to improve its thermal conductivity. details>>
  • Penn State researchers develop new, efficient method for sintering

    Researchers at Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pa.) have demonstrated a new, faster, and more energy-efficient method for sintering. details>>
  • Plastics eMarket Tip of the Week: Sub-ambient performance of HDPE and PP

    Kamweld Product Manager Len Alter is back to share his experiences and this week he explains the impact resistance of polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) at sub-ambient temperatures. details>>
  • New combinations of stabilizer additives prevent discoloration in PE films

    A recent article in Plastics Technology addresses the industry's demand for lower initial color, enhanced color stability, and better property retention in linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) film. details>>
  • Silver nanoparticles and electric current used to prevent bacteria in plastic

    Researchers at the Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center at Karolinska Institutet have used silver nanoparticles and a small electric current to prevent bacterial growth in conducting plastics. details>>
  • Researchers develop plastic films that prevent bacterial contamination

    Researchers at the University of California - Davis have designed plastic films that kill bacteria with biofilms and prevent bacteria from forming biofilms in the first place. details>>
  • Radiant band heater system helps molders save on energy costs

    In order to help injection molders, the Rex Materials Group (Howell, Mich.) has developed the TCS (Thermal Control Solution), a custom radian band heater system that is more efficient than traditional heater bands on barrels. details>>
  • Scientists develop software that sketches, recreates 3-D shapes

    A computer scientist at the University of British Columbia has developed FlowRep, an algorithm that can create a design sketch of an everyday object by inferring 3-D geometries from 2-D projections of the descriptive curve networks. details>>
  • Fast chemistry allows researchers to unlock new class of polymers

    Scientists at the Molecular Foundry at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory created long chains of linked sulfur-containing molecules using a SuFEx, sulfur(VI) fluoride exchange, click reaction. details>>
  • Researchers develop greener method for interweaving polymers using blue light

    Engineers at the University of Delaware have developed a method to form interwoven polymer networks by using blue light that is easier, quicker, and more sustainable than current processes. details>>
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