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  • Magnetic tweezers show polymer growth is not continuous process

    Researchers used magnetic tweezers as a measuring technique for living polymerization and were the first to visualize the formation of a polymer chain at a single polymer level. details>>
  • Researchers create material that expands when heated to fill space

    Scientists have developed microbombs, materials that expand when heated to form microclusters that fill the space in which they are physically confined. details>>
  • Plastics eMarket Tip of the Week: Corona Treatment of Thermoplastics

    Kamweld Product Manager Len Alter is back to share his experiences and this week he discusses corona treatment of thermoplastics, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), to overcome low surface tension. details>>
  • Customized catalysts boost product yields and reduce unwanted byproducts

    Two studies from the U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, Tenn.) discovered that treating a complex oxide crystal with heat or chemicals causes different atoms to segregate on the surface of the crystals. details>>
  • Durable material shows promise for future combat helmets

    A team of researchers has developed a novel experimental device to test the durability of materials composed of high-performance polymers that strengthen when attacked by rapid impact. details>>
  • White paper explores high-performance polymers for automotive air management

    A new white paper from DuPont explores how high-performance polymers can help automotive manufacturers meet changing needs for engine performance, emission standards, and creation of lightweight, more efficient systems. details>>
  • Circuit design demonstrates possibility of wearable thermoelectric generators

    Engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta) have used flexible polymers and novel circuitry patterns printed on paper to demonstrate the potential for wearable thermoelectric generators that harvest energy from the body to power biosensors. details>>
  • 3-D printing leads to improvement in study of intestinal biology

    A recent study at Cornell University (Ithaca, N.Y.) has turned its focus to using 3-D printed models to further the understanding of intestinal biology. details>>
  • Polymer film created that can transfer heat from batteries and processors

    Scientists have developed a thin, flexible device from an electrocaloric polymer film that can be used to transfer heat from batteries or processors and has a number of potential applications. details>>
  • Researchers create flexible joining machine to combine plastic welding processes

    German plastics joining equipment supplier Fischer Kunststoff-Schweibtechnik GmbH investigated the possibility of building a modular, flexible, plastics joining center with interchangeable plastics welding modules. details>>
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