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  • Researchers develop membrane to allow rapid recharge of batteries

    Engineers at Ohio State University have developed a thin, plastic membrane inspired by protein transport through living cell membranes that could lead to the development of redox transistor batteries for electric vehicles that would allow for longer travel on a single charge. details>>
  • BPF Pipes Group releases guide for testing pipes and fittings

    The British Plastics Federation (BPF) Pipes Group has released reference guides for designers, consultants and contractors involved in utilities to give step-by-step instructions for the examination of polyethylene pipes and fittings. details>>
  • Beam scanning technique could make 3-D printing 1,000 times faster

    Researchers at Penn State University's College of Engineering have developed a high-speed beam scanning technique that could improve scanning from the microsecond to the nanosecond level. details>>
  • Physicists 3-D printing cosmic microwave background

    A team of physicists from the Imperial College in London has turned to 3-D printing as a means for mapping the oldest light in the universe with a cosmic sculpture of CMB. details>>
  • Royal DSM announces polyamides with advanced thermal properties

    Royal DSM, a global science company, announced at the recent K 2016 trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany that it is releasing a new polymer that will replace die-cast metals and high-performance thermoplastics. details>>
  • Plastics injection molding can improve time to market

    On the Ferriot blog, Roger Peck outlines the six ways that an injection molding company can speed up time to market for new products by streamlining the process. details>>
  • Researchers determine flexible film packaging can be recycled

    Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) has released its initial research report on "Flexible Packaging Sortation at Materials Recovery Facilities" and showed that automated sorting technologies can be optimized to capture flexible plastic packaging for recycling. details>>
  • Seven steps to successful polyurethane part design

    In its education center, Gallagher Corporation has published seven steps to a successful polyurethane design and problem solving during the design process. details>>
  • Researchers make breakthrough towards bone regeneration

    Researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, in partnership with Maastricht UMC, have made an important breakthrough using 3-D printing that has the potential to enhance patient recovery, particularly bone regeneration. details>>
  • Researchers find step to lower energy use in creation of plastics

    Researchers from Georgia Tech University in partnership with ExxonMobil have discovered a carbon-based molecular sieve that can ?dramatically? lower the energy use required to separate alkyl aromatics. details>>
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