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  • Hot-Plate Welding vs. Infrared Welding for Plastics Assembly [Subscription]

    Both hot-plate welding and infrared welding are used to join plastic parts. One method contacts the parts; the other does not. details>>
  • Why & When Should You Re-Crystallize PET Scrap?

    Whether you?re blow molding PET bottles or extruding APET sheet, you?ll produce amorphous scrap in the process. How you handle it will impact your production costs. Re-crystallizing it will help. details>>
  • Plastic Lumber Possibilities

    As a substitute for treated lumber, plastic lumber products resist insects, rot, moisture, and many chemicals. There are two different types of plastic lumber products the composites, (wood products made from a mix of plastics and natural fibers) and the wood-like products made solely from plastics. Many of these products use recycled plastics, diverting waste from the landfills. details>>
  • Styrene Acrylic Copolymers as an Alternative to traditional Clear Materials [Download]

    NAS resins from Ineos Nova are a range of SMMA copolymers that deliver strength, stiffness, and water-clarity to a variety of demanding applications such as point-of-sale displays and housewares. ZYLAR resins are clear impact modified SMMA polymers from Ineos Nova that provide practical toughness and superior processing to applications from medical devices to housewares. details>>
  • EXTRUSION: The Two Main Causes of Screw Wear

    Two of the more catastrophic causes of flight wear on single screws are wedging and misalignment. They are often mistaken for one another when inspecting the screw. Here?s how to diagnose the problem correctly. details>>
  • How to Optimize Pack & Hold Times for Hot-Runner & Valve-Gated Molds

    For cold-runner molds, hold times are optimized by conducting a gate-freeze study where the part weight is recorded as a function of the hold times. In hot-runner or valve-gated systems, on the other hand, the gate area always has molten plastic, and therefore the part-weight curve never flattens. details>>
  • New Techniques for Joining Plastic to Metal

    Lightweight trend drives engineers on quest to join dissimilar materials. details>>
  • Has Ultraviolet Light Curing Finally Come of Age For Adhesives?

    The advantages of using adhesives over mechanical fasteners are well documented. They include distribution of load and stress over wider surface areas, elimination of joint fatigue, improved impact resistance, reduction in finishing and they can provide aesthetic enhancements. details>>
  • Overview of Decorative and Hard Chromium Electroplating Processes

    Chromium has withstood the competitive challenges due to its unmatched aesthetics as well as its superior technical capabilities, including exceptional corrosion performance, multi-substrate capability and supply-chain factors such as industrial scale, extensive installed applicator base, and long application history and experience. details>>
  • Stabilizing Polyolefins Against the Influences of Weathering [DOWNLOAD]

    Polyolefins used outdoors must be stabilized against the degradative effects of ultraviolet light, moisture, oxygen and heat. Several types of UV and antioxidant additives can help counteract the effects of outdoor exposure. details>>
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