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  • Polyamides being developed from wood industry waste

    Researchers from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft developed a means for synthesizing polyamides from terpenes, a waste stream of cellulose production. details>>
  • Tips on choosing cold bonding for custom gaskets

    Clyde Sharpe, General Manager at Elasto Proxy, released a recent blog post detailing tips for whether or not to choose cold bonding as the joining or splicing technique for custom gaskets. details>>
  • Composites give automotive industry options to reduce CO2

    French textiles and composites group Chomarat will present a research paper on the advantages to using glass and carbon-fiber composites in automotive design and manufacturing for the reduction of CO2 emissions. details>>
  • Run simulations to avoid mistakes in Injection Molding

    On the Ferriot blog, Dave Harman explained that running plastic injection molding simulations can be cost-effective and save time to market. details>>
  • Thermoplastics can play part in LED thermal management

    The engineers at PolyOne offer a couple of tips for designers of high-brightness LED systems, including reexamining the materials that are used. details>>
  • Stanford researchers make renewable plastics from CO2

    A group of scientists at Stanford University have developed a means for making plastic from carbon dioxide (CO2) and inedible plant material. details>>
  • German company turning carbon dioxide into plastics

    Covestro has determined a process for turning CO2 into plastics and thus reducing the company?s dependence on petroleum and widening its raw material base. details>>
  • Video: Determining the shear modulus of polyurethane

    Gallgher Corporation released a video on determining the shear modulus, which is the ratio of shear stress to shear strain, of its GC-1280 polyurethane compound. details>>
  • Learn about thermoset plastics with Q&A

    Woodland Plastics released an informative Q&A that outlines the process and the uses for thermoset plastics. details>>
  • Video: Tips on choosing the right PVC-U pipe

    Durapipe UK offers this video selection on tips to select the right PVC-U pipe for your manufacturing process. details>>
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