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  • Researchers find method for recycling carbon fiber plastic

    Researchers at Washington State University have developed a chemical recycling method to break down carbon fiber plastics, which are used in a variety of applications. details>>
  • New process for extracting wheat bran could boost food packaging

    A new technique for extracting wheat bran, which typically becomes animal feed, helps the bran retain valuable biomolecules that could be used as antioxidants and for improving plastic food packaging. details>>
  • 3-D printed patch can help heal tissue scarred by heart attacks

    A team of engineers has created a 3-D printed patch that can help heal tissue that has been damaged by a heart attack. details>>
  • Duke researchers use 3-D printer to produce electromagnetic metamaterials

    Researchers at Duke University have used an electrically conductive material that is compatible with standard 3-D printers to print electromagnetic metamaterials. details>>
  • Article explores importance of accurate measurement of local stresses

    An article recently explored the importance of accuracy in measuring local stresses from a physical and compliance perspective in Digital Engineering Magazine. details>>
  • 3-D printing and electroplating combined to create metal electrodes for beam splitter

    Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) have developed a method that combines 3-D printing and electroplating to create complex metal structures that are used as electrodes in a molecular beam-splitter details>>
  • Scientists discover wax worm could provide biodegradable solution for plastic pollution

    Federica Bertocchini, an amateur beekeeper and a scientist at the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (CSIC) in Spain, made a chance discovery that could have major ramifications on the problem of plastic waste. details>>
  • Article highlights advantages to using additive manufacturing software

    A recent article by Pamela Waterman in Digital Engineering highlighted the best methods for increasing the additive manufacturing knowledge and capabilities of an organization. details>>
  • Proto Labs release white paper on selecting materials for 3-D printing

    To assist 3-D printing manufacturers and designers, Proto Labs has released a new white paper that details how to select the proper material for industrial projects. details>>
  • Canada pursuing eco-friendly food packaging from irradiated nanofibers

    Scientists at the Research Laboratories in Sciences Applied to Food (RESALA) and the Canadian Irradiation Centre (CIC) have been working with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to develop biodegradable packaging materials. details>>
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