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  • New 3-D printing method could enhance medical implants

    Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a silicone 3-D printing process that they believe will provide quicker implantation of medical devices that are stronger, cheaper, more flexible, and more comfortable. details>>
  • UC San Diego 3-D prints soft robot that walks on sand and stone

    Engineers at the University of California at San Diego (UC San Diego) have utilized 3-D printing to build the first soft robot that uses its four legs to walk over rough terrain. details>>
  • New study attempts to predict movement and impact of microplastic pollution

    A new report by researchers from Open University (Milton Keynes, U.K.) explores the impact of climate change on the ocean circulation and how that has affected the distribution of marine microplastic litter. details>>
  • University of Utah engineers create fully biodegradable sanitary pad

    Engineering students from the University of Utah have designed a fully-biodegradable feminine maxi pad. details>>
  • MIT researchers develop new technique for building stronger polymers

    Researchers at MIT have found a method for limiting the number of loops, or defects, in long chains of polymers and also made the materials created from those chains stronger. details>>
  • Researchers develop process for creating sustainable rubber and plastic

    A team of researchers has collaborated on the first high-yield, low-cost method for manufacturing butadiene, a chemical component of rubber and plastic materials details>>
  • Researchers find method for recycling carbon fiber plastic

    Researchers at Washington State University have developed a chemical recycling method to break down carbon fiber plastics, which are used in a variety of applications. details>>
  • New process for extracting wheat bran could boost food packaging

    A new technique for extracting wheat bran, which typically becomes animal feed, helps the bran retain valuable biomolecules that could be used as antioxidants and for improving plastic food packaging. details>>
  • 3-D printed patch can help heal tissue scarred by heart attacks

    A team of engineers has created a 3-D printed patch that can help heal tissue that has been damaged by a heart attack. details>>
  • Duke researchers use 3-D printer to produce electromagnetic metamaterials

    Researchers at Duke University have used an electrically conductive material that is compatible with standard 3-D printers to print electromagnetic metamaterials. details>>
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