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  • Article explains how to understand low-rate feeding in plastics manufacturing

    A recent article from Plastics Technology explored the increase in low-rate feeding of additives and other materials in injection molding or extruding processes. details>>
  • New 3-D printed gel could be key to self-healing objects

    A new 3-D printed gel has been developed at the University of Melbourne (Australia) that heals like living tissue and changes form in response to changes in environment. details>>
  • Researchers testing a soft, 3-D printed artificial heart made of silicone

    Researchers at ETH Zurich have announced the development of a silicone heart that beats similar to a functioning human heart created with a 3-D printing. details>>
  • Japanese scientists develop breathable, wearable electronics for health monitoring

    Scientists from the University of Tokyo have developed a new hypoallergenic electronic sensor that is made from an elastic electrode in a breathable nanoscale mesh. details>>
  • Scientists develop room temperature reaction to create chemical feedstock

    A team of scientists produced olefins through dehydrogenation of methane and ethane with a titanium catalyst at lower temperatures than previously possible. details>>
  • Australian startup announces launch of PVC 3-D printer

    Australian startup AONIQ has announced the launch of its 888 PVC (polyvinyl chloride) 3-D printer that is intended to sit in between the high-priced industrial printers being used by large companies and the lower quality desktop printers favored by hobbyists. details>>
  • Plastics eMarket Tip of the Week: Proper circular saws for cutting plastic

    Kamweld Product Manager Len Alter is back to discuss cutting thermoplastic sheets, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), with a circular saw. details>>
  • Two methods developed for creating self-actuating materials

    Researchers at IST Austria and at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee developed two very different methods for programming materials to turn from sheets into complex structures. details>>
  • Article gives tips for joining of thermoplastic composites

    A recent article in the latest Assembly Magazine included thoughts and tips from industry experts on the challenging process of joining thermoplastic composites. details>>
  • Researchers reveal the smallest and most accurate 3-D printed biopsy robot

    Researchers have unveiled the Stormram 4, which a 3-D printed, plastic robot that is driven by air pressure and that can be used to carry out a biopsy during an MRI scan. details>>
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