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  • Tip of the Week: Kynar and Chemicals

    Kamweld Product Manager Len Alter is back to explain how Kynar (PVDF, polyvinylidene fluoride) can stand up to a number of corrosion-resistant chemicals, but not to sodium hydroxide (lye), acetone, diethylamine, or phosphoric acid. details>>
  • Researchers finding greener ways to make plastic precursors

    Researchers at the University of Illinois are developing more environmentally-friendly catalysts for the production of plastic precursors based on knowledge of the properties of specific metals and how those metals react with hydrogen peroxide. details>>
  • Fraunhofer Institute has developed component tracking solution for mass production

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM (Freiburg, Germany) has developed a new Track & Trace Fingerprint solution for components in mass production. details>>
  • New 3-D printing process allows electrical elements to be built-in

    A team of researchers at the University of Sheffield (U.K.) Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has developed a novel, hybrid 3-D printing process that allows users to incorporate electrical, optical, and structural elements into the build process. details>>
  • Article explains color variation in plastic and how it occurs

    Tony Bestall, the Director of Silvergate Plastics in Wrexham, U.K., recently wrote a blog post for British Plastics & Rubber Magazine about the process of minimizing color variation in plastic manufacturing to increase efficiency and save time and money. details>>
  • Carnegie Mellon creates tool to help novices and experts 3-D print robots

    The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pa.) has developed an interactive tool to assist novices and experts build legged or wheeled robots using 3-D printed parts. details>>
  • Manufacturer explores selective reinforcement of discontinuous composites

    PlastiComp, Inc., a Minnesota-based manufacturer of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) composites), recently published a case study on AZO Materials about the selective, structural reinforcement of discontinuous, fiber-reinforced composites to improve load to fatigue life. details>>
  • Boundary Breaker has the potential to boost plastic recycling

    Ecopuro, based in Denver, Colo., recently announced the development of a structural particle that it claims will break down and scatter contaminants, boost throughputs, and disperse other additives when added to a recycled plastic melt stream. details>>
  • Orchid 3-D printer combines additive manufacturing and injection molding

    The new Collider Orchid 3-D printer, which is soon to be in beta testing, combines new additive manufacturing techniques with materials common to standard injection molding processes. details>>
  • Plastic Suppliers, Inc. introduces bio-based sealant for flexible packaging

    Plastic Suppliers, Inc. (PSI), a Columbus, Ohio-based company, recently introduced EarthFirst UL, an ultra-thin, bio-based sealant web that could lower the cost of sealant films used in flexible packaging. details>>
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