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Managing Editor  | February 2017

Beaumont Technologies acquires Autodesk MoldFlow technology

Beaumont Technologies in Erie, Pa. recently announced that it has an agreement in place to acquire Autodesk MoldFlow’s North American and European material characterization operations, laboratory equipment, and proprietary software.



Beaumont Technologies has agreed to take over Autodesk MoldFlow's North American and European
material characterization operations. (Autodesk)


The purchase allows Beaumont to conduct and sell material characterization services to its customers in North America and in Europe, while Autodesk will maintain its lab in Australia to service customers in Asia and “other global markets” and continue research and development.


According to a press release from Beaumont Technologies, “The material characterization services to be conducted by Beaumont are essential for identifying and understanding material properties and process performance characteristics that are required by Autodesk® Moldflow® and Helius’ simulation products.”


The partnership with Autodesk is intended to enhance Beaumont’s American Injection Molding Institute, increase testing capacity and provide “additional expertise in polymers, injection molding processes, and dedicated local resources.”


Greg Fallon, Autodesk vice president of simulation, said, “With Beaumont handling the majority of our training and material characterization activities, Autodesk will focus on the development and validation of new process solvers, as well as characterization methodologies. This partnership is part of Autodesk’s growth strategy. The result will be a net increase in global characterization capacity, improved throughput and responsiveness as well as adding additional subject matter experts into our community.”


Beaumont Technologies founder John Beaumont, a member of the Plastics Hall of Fame, was a technical manager for MoldFlow’s U.S. operations during the company’s early years.


The transition is expected to be completed by April 2017.


Beaumont said, ““It’s our intent to assure customers that we are up and running smoothly prior to taking new orders. After that we can promise our customers an unprecedented level of material characterization and simulation services to analyze, identify, predict and validate their investments, while saving time, eliminating costly trial and error processes, minimizing tooling investments, and speeding their products to market.”


An article from Plastics News that analyzed the announcement of the acquisition noted that material characterization, which MoldFlow makes possible, is the “lifeblood of injection molding.” It added that this deal will allow Autodesk to focus on creating new process solvers and characterization methodologies while Beaumont handles training and material characterization for customers.


Watch the video to learn more about Autodesk MoldFlow:

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