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Managing Editor  | March 2017

Plastics Industry Association announces new safety requirements

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) announced that its Machinery Safety Standards Committee has published new, voluntary standards for the manufacture and use of injection molding machines, which the association said are the most common manufacturing machines used in the plastics industry.



PLASTICS released a new saftery standard for the operation and manufacture of injection molding machines.
(Wikimedia Commons)


The report was compiled by the committee over the past three years and the revised American National Standard (ANSI/PLASTICS B151.1-2017) was approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on Jan. 6.


According to the association, one of the most important chances to the new standard is making the mechanical safety device (jam bar or drop bar) optional for horizontal machines built to the 2017 standard. The new standard also combines the requirements for both types of injection molding machines.


This will also align better with European rules and draft ISO standards to improve U.S. manufacturing’s level of competition with foreign markets.


“As the ANSI-accredited standards developing organization for the U.S. plastics industry, PLASTICS is responsible for ensuring that all plastics machinery is built according to important standards that protect workers while achieving efficiency in production,” said PLASTICS President and CEO William R. Carteaux on the PLASTICS website.


“By those measures, the new B151.1 standard is a great success. This standard will make it easier for manufacturers to keep plastics workers safe, produce higher quality products and compete on the global market.”

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