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Managing Editor  | April 2017

French startup creates edible plastic packaging from milk protein

According to a report on DairyReporter.com, Lactips, a startup company based in Saint-Etienne, France, has developed an edible plastic that is made from casein, milk protein, which it believes could revolutionize the packaging industry.



French startup Lactips is creating edible packaing from milk protein. (YouTube)


Lactips was founded in 2014 with a mission of finding innovative methods for transforming the plastics industry and make it more environmentally-conscious. The company also works with industrial partners on cleaner, biodegradable products and finding new markets.


The company is approaching its mission in several ways. It is developing a biodegradable plastic film that breaks down in 18 days an can be included in home compost as well as an edible plastic from the French dairy industry’s unused milk protein that could be used in packaging.


According to the Lactips website, “Based on milk protein, our thermoplastic pellets show an incredible variety of technological properties such as water solubility, edibility, biodegradability…Our technological potential is huge, and the possibilities for industrial actors are unlimited.”


The company has already created water soluble and biodegradable products for the detergent industry and is now focusing on the food and beverage industry.


Learn more about Lactips and its technology in the video below:

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