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Managing Editor  | April 2017

Spanish startup provides novel deinking process for plastics

Cadel Deinking, based in Alicante, Spain, has presented a novel plastics deinking process that can produce higher quality recycling material in order to produce plastics that are similar in condition to the original and can be used in the same application.



The deinking process only uses water-based chemicals that are
not hazardous to the environment. (YouTube)


According to the company’s website, Cadel Deinking has patents for its technology in 20 countries and demonstrated the ability for its technology to be applied at its pilot plant in Spain. The website continued, “The companies that choose to install a deinking plant in their factories will see their competitiveness increasing, because they are going to offer their customers a high-quality recycled material.”


The process takes plastics that have been ground down and runs them through a water treatment system to wipe the ink away. “This gives the product a high added value, because printed ink spoils the recycled product both visually and in its mechanical properties,” the website explained. “The result of the process is an ink-free plastic with a quality very similar to that of new plastic.”


The company insists that only water-based cleaning chemicals are used, no solvents or environmentally-hazardous materials, and that the process can be used with any type of plastic and with any type of ink, including UV inks or electron beam.


Research and development continues at the company in order to stay current with European Union recycling rules, which are increasingly stringent. The latest project is delaminating, which breaks down plastics composed of various materials and remove the ink between them prior to recycling.


According to an article on Resource-Recycling.com, the company presented its technology at the Plastics Recycling 2017 conference in New Orleans, La. in March.


Learn more about the company’s process in the video below:

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