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Managing Editor  | May 2017

Article explores importance of accurate measurement of local stresses

Tony Abbey, who owns FETraining (Finite Element Analysis Training and Consultancy) and is a training manager for NAFEMS (International Association for the Engineering Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Community), recently explored the importance of accuracy in measuring local stresses from a physical and compliance perspective in Digital Engineering Magazine.



The article explains why it is important to study local stresses in manufacturing.
(Wikimedia Commons)


Abbey uses finite element analysis (FEA) and focuses on the stress variations that the simulation reads but is described as an “artifact” and not physically meaningful. Rather than ignore those readings, Abbey insists that it is important to examine the factors leading to the stress, even if they are later ignored.


He concluded, “There is a strong temptation to either de-feature or mesh poorly at geometric stress raisers. Many failure predictions do require accurate stresses with evidence of a good convergence study.


“Even in the case of ductile materials being assessed against limit loading, it is useful to know the stress peaks and distribution of high stresses—even if subsequent engineering judgment can discount them.”


Read the full article on stress analysis in manufacturing at http://www.digitaleng.news/de/dealing-stress-concentrations-singularities

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