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Managing Editor  | June 2017

Kickstarter campaign started for novel BlackBelt 3-D printer

On Saturday morning, June 1, a Kickstarter campaign was started for the new BlackBelt 3-D printer and within 15 minutes, the company had already blown right past its initial goal of $56,000, according to a report on Digital Trends.



The new BlackBelt 3-D printer allows for the creation of pieces bigger than the printer itself.


Only three days into its campaign and the BlackBelt 3-D printer had already raised more than $90,000 based on its potential to allow for series production of specific shapes and geometries. This new product promises that a 3-D printing project would no longer be constrained by the proportions of the printer.


The printer features a conveyor belt, which allows for the printing of long pieces, for example an office sign, in one continuous process (rather than printing segments and gluing them together). It can also print continuously, so that a series of parts could be printed in one series.


“We can build up material on the conveyor belt or on previously printed layers,” the Kickstarter page explained. “The 45° slanted layering allows printing horizontal overhangs that don't require support material.”


It added, “We are using carefully selected components that have proven to be reliable and work with the best performance. Among these are a specially designed extruder and feeding system, high quality electronic boards, motors and actuation system. Using a full metal frame made from BOSCH aluminum beam Profiles and stainless steel sheet metal parts provide a rigid construction and also makes customization easy.”


BlackBelt insists that it can customize the printer to meet various applications and production facilities and that it can be used with a variety of materials.


The Kickstarter page continued, “The carbon fiber composite conveyor belt has proven to be durable and provides necessary surface adhesion to print on. Its intrinsic stiffness and low thermal expansion coefficient allow precise positioning and great interfacing of the product that is being built, which makes it the perfect material for this application.”


According to New Atlas, this printer was created by Stephan Schurmann and had been in the desi process for three years, taking it from a CAD-modeled prototype to a full production unit.


The article noted, “The build area is given as 340 mm wide, 340 mm high and an infinite length, and the interchangeable print head (it comes with three – 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm) can be set at 15°, 25°, 34° or 45° angles, which means creators don't need to rely on support structures for overhangs in complex prints.”


The expected retail price for the desktop version is €9,500 and the standalone frame and roller table will start at €12,500.  


Learn more about the BlackBelt 3-D printer in the video below:

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