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Managing Editor  | October 2017

Disposable plastic product will prevent bacterial infections from medication vials

MEDassurance, a venture capitalist firm based in New Jersey that focuses on innovative healthcare products and solutions, announced via press release that it was supporting the development of a new product that will prevent bacterial infections from multi-use medication vials.



Vial Shield will protect multi-use medicine vials from bacteria.
(Wikimedia Commons)


The CDC has reported that since 2001 there have been 49 outbreaks caused by bacteria in multi-use vials, which are used for a number of medications from insulin to blood pressure drugs to blood thinners. Bacteria enter the vial through the multiple needle holes in the vial’s cap.


According to the press release from MEDassurance, “Among the infections resulting from contaminated vials, syringes and injections are abscesses, streptococcus, HIV and MRSA, one of the deadliest types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The percentage of MRSA infection has risen from 22 percent in 1997 to more than 60 percent in 2007, causing some 19,000 deaths per year.”


Registered nurse Lauren Jaconelli, of Mount Laurel, N.J., invented a sterile cap made from non-porous, disposable plastic that allows the multi-use vials to be resealed after each use. She called the new cap, Vial Shield.


“The cap fits over the top of the vial,” the announcement explained, “holding snugly around the vial neck. Inside the cap, resting on the rubber vial hub, is an infused alcohol swab to ensure that the top remains sterile at all times. Vial Shield also will help prevent the spread of infections in home medicine cabinets.”


Vial Shield will be produced by LND Medical of Voorhees, N.J. in 13 mm and 20 mm sizes, which will work with vials ranging from 1-100 mL.


According to Jaconelli, who works in the Critical Care Unit at Aria Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, "Vial Shield will not only help prevent bacteria from getting into medications, but the cap will also keep the rubber hub sterile and ready for continued use."


"We at LND Medical are excited about this inventive cap," said David Klein, a partner of the firm, "because it will keep patients safe by preventing infection, eliminate time consuming protocols and is easy to use. Also, importantly, it will help reduce HAIs (Hospital-Acquired Infections), which contributes significantly to spiraling hospital costs."

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