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Managing Editor  | October 2017

Partnership could lead to new hybrid CNC milling 3-D printer

As reported in a recent article from Aerospace Manufacturing, the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (Fruanhofer IWU) in Chemnitz, Germany is collaborating with CMS, an Italian machine maker, to research and develop a new hybrid CNC milling 3-D printer for thermoplastic composite parts.



Fruanhofer and CMS are working on a hybrid CNC milling 3-D printer.


According to the report, “The new system, named CMS Kreator, will be available in several configurations and sizes, to cover a wide area of industrial needs, coming from different sectors and related to the manufacturing of prototypes and special parts.”


The CMS Kreator is said to work with a variety of materials, including ABS, PA and high-performance polymers and can be mixed with up to 40 percent short-fiber to “manufacture not just mock-ups or jigs, but also tools and moulds able to withstand the curing operating conditions.”


“The extrusion is designed to get thin strands, very quickly deposited (eight times faster than standard FDM) and immediately cooled, for the building of very light ‘bird bone’ structures, obtained also by 5-axis deposition,” the article continued. “The programming software tools are based on solutions available on the market, with the widest possibility of changing user parameters.”


CMS developed multi0ple simultaneous operating unit technology, which gives the system a 5-axis milling unit for finishing and a fiber placement unit that allows the manufacture of thermoset CFRP.


According to an article from 3D Printing Industry, “In addition to the broad range of materials, the extrusion system is designed to be able to 3D print up to eight times faster than standard FDM, and 200 times more cost effective. An example of the additive technology to be implemented in the 3D Kreator can be found in Fraunhofer IWU’s ‘ultrafast’ Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM) system.”

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