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Managing Editor  | October 2017

Article explains importance of power quality to plastic manufacturing

Rial Williams, who has more than 40 years of experience in electrical, controls, and software engineering, recently published an article on Plastics Technology about the importance of maintaining power quality to avoid device malfunctions and the costs that coincide with operation down times.



Power quality is an important consideration in manufacturing.


According to Williams, the plastics industry loses $9.6 billion each year from poor power quality and he argued that 80 percent of that lost revenue is preventable.


“Poor power quality and utilization problems are common in most factories, ultimately causing machinery and component failure as well as the loss of production while these conditions are being repaired or replaced,” he wrote. “Properly addressing power quality issues is the largest cost reduction opportunity in the plastics industry today.”


Williams outlined some of the symptoms of poor power quality. He mentioned motor burnout and downtime, display or control memory loss and downtime, power factor problems with high utility penalties, and transformers failing.


“Until now, diagnosing these costly events required an army of highly-skilled electrical consultants, expensive specialized instrumentation often limited by 24-hour storage, and capital appropriation through multiple approval levels,” Williams said.


The answer, according to the article, is in new technology, such as the MachineSense Power Analyzer, an instrument that gives constant diagnostic reports that can be used by manufacturing professionals even without a degree in electrical engineering.


“MachineSense electrical toroids are placed directly on incoming power lines or machine power lines to automatically monitor power conditions,” Williams explained. “This 24/7 collection of data transmits through an internal datahub directly to your router and is analyzed by cloud-based servers.  Our Crystalball software automatically translates complicated electrical graphs into intuitive dashboards available on your desktop or handheld devices.”


Read the full article at https://www.ptonline.com/knowledgecenter/power-quality-analysis-and-monitoring. Learn more about the MachineSense Power Analyzer at https://machinesense.com

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