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Managing Editor  | October 2017

Exhibit produces stunning works of art from recycled plastics

Running from Aug. 24 through Nov. 26 in Columbus, Ind., the Exhibit Columbus exploration of art, architecture, and design features work created by the Indiana University (IU) School of Art, Architecture, and Design that is created from recycled plastics.



"Synergia" is a pavilion made from recycled plastics.
(Indiana University School of Art, Architecture, and Design)


The stunning art work was featured in a recent article from Inhabitat. The article explained that the team from IU “designed the Synergia pavilion as an experiment in building complex structures inspired by biological forms, soap bubbles, and crystal patterns.”


The temporary pavilion was built at Columbus’ North Christian Church and includes more than 500 polyhedrons that are around two or three feet in length.


“Translucent corrugated plastic sheets made from recycled plastic were laser cut at Noblitt Fabricating in Columbus, Indiana and then hand-folded like origami to form each of the structural units,” the article continued. “The plastic corrugated boards are extremely lightweight and can be easily bent along the flutes.”


It added, “When connected together, the folded hinges produce an interlocking self-supporting lattice that is light and yet structurally efficient. This eliminates the need for additional framing and assemblage and reduces waste.”


Learn more about the display at https://soaad.indiana.edu//news-events/_events/special-events/exhibit-columbus.html

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