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Managing Editor  | October 2017

New video from BPF shows the multiple lives of plastic

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) recently unveiled a new video that is intended to demonstrate the recyclability of plastics to a broader and non-technical audience.



The video uses humor to show the multiple lives of plastic materials.
(British Plastics Federation/YouTube)


The one-minute video uses humor to get its point across that plastics, like people, have multiple lives and that plastics are a reusable product not just disposable.


According to Barry Turner, Director of the BPF Plastics and Flexible Packaging Group, “Society should not be indulging the notion of so-called ‘single-use’ plastic when it can be recycled numerous times into a vast range of new products. The U.K. plastic packaging recycling rate has now reached 45% — an improvement of 15% on the previous year — and the overall rate for recycling plastic beverage bottles has reached 74%.


He continued, “To further improve this, work needs to be done to encourage the implementation of more recycling bins in public places, as indicated by a recent YouGov survey we commissioned. This video will also hopefully play a part — by reminding people that they have the power to give their plastic packaging multiple lives by recycling, as any responsible person should.”


The survey that Turner referenced questioned respondents on what would encourage more recycling when outside of the home. Fifty-eight percent said that more recycling bins were needed in public places and 16 percent wanted a deposit return scheme.


The recycling rate that Turner noted comes from the National Packaging Waste Database and the plastic bottle recycling rate was reported by Valpak Databite No. 3.


Watch the new video below:

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