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Managing Editor  | October 2017

APR kicks off campaign to promote market demand for recycled resins

The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), an international trade organization representing the plastics recycling industry, announced the kick-off of its Recycling Demand Champion Campaign that is designed to expand market demand for recycled resins and improve plastic recycling rates in North America.



The Demand Champions campaign promotes recycled resins.
(Wikimedia Commons)


The campaign will focus on “Work in Progress” (WIP) items in manufacturing, such as trash cans, pallets, and tote boxes to increase the use of polyolefin (PP or PE) post-consumer resins (PCR). Demand Champions will sign a letter of intent to require that PCR be included in the WIP in their facilities.


As more Demand Champions sign on, the demand for PCR material will increase.


“This program will drive demand for broad specification PCR produced from mixed residential plastics,” explained Liz Bedard, Director of the APR Rigid Plastic Recycling Program. “We have identified potential end markets for PCR in WIP durable goods such as crates, tote boxes, cans, pails, drums, trash or recycle bins, pallets, transport packaging and other items.”


Steve Alexander, President of APR, added, “We know there are increased environmental and economic benefits that come from recycling, but only if the materials recycled are made into new products or goods. Any company looking to catalyze those benefits can have a positive impact on the recycling system by directing those recycled resins into WIP goods that they are already purchasing on a regular basis.”


The APR will be working with brand owners, retailers, trade organizations, and others to try and spread the word about the campaign and enlist new Demand Champions.


“This program is open to anyone in the industry,” says Steve Sikra, Chair of the APR Rigids Committee and Associate Director for Solid Waste Management, The Procter & Gamble Company. “APR has the tools and connections to make the use of PCR straightforward in these WIP items. Let's use this as a platform to advance PCR use.”


The current Demand Champions are Berry Global, Campbells Soup Co., Coca-Cola North America, Envision Plastics, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., KW Plastics, Merlin Plastics, Plastipak/Clean Tech Inc., The Procter & Gamble Company and Target Corp.


Learn more about the program at http://plasticsrecycling.org/recycling-demand-champions

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