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Managing Editor  | October 2017

Manufacturing software tailored for small injection molding companies

KrausMaffei recently announced the release of MaXecution at Fakuma, the trade fair for the plastics processing industry, which is a manufacturing execution system (MES) that is tailored to meet the needs of small injection molding companies.



With the new MES system MaXecution, KraussMaffei supports its customers in the long term on their path to digital, paperless production. (KraussMaffei)


The software package gives businesses the opportunity to monitor productivity indicators, such as the equipment effectiveness, managing molds and resources and statistics on machines and rejections. The software is offered in three versions so that businesses can use the resources that make the most sense to their individual needs.


"The increasing digitalization does not stop on account of minor plastics processors. However, the procurement of a complete MES system often involves excessive expenditure. With the new MaXecution, we offer our customers, in addition to the appropriate injection molding machine, a compact solution tailored specifically to their processes," explained Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment in the KraussMaffei Group and a member of the KraussMaffei Managing Board.


MaXecution is based on the MES Hydra from MPDV Mikrolab GmbH. The basic package enables operating and machine data collection, such as run times, quantity of items produced, and more.

"The Basic version thus offers a reliable basis for the analysis of manufacturing processes for the evaluation of machine downtimes or the optimization of machine running times," said Golz.


A second version, Basic Plus, adds planning functions including graphic fine planning of manufacturing orders, while an advanced version adds functions for controlling and monitoring different process parameters for the transfer of data records and analyzing parameters such as pressures, temperatures, and powe4r consumption.


The announcement read, “All in all, the Advanced premium package offers a reliable tool for the automatic import and analysis of process parameters on the shop floor with the aim of achieving continuous quality control.”


The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring system can be automated in the MaXecution to aggregate all of the factors that determine machine performance and allow operators to understand machine potential and where losses are occurring. This also allows for continuous monitoring of processes to judge their success.


In addition, KraussMaffei also announced that it was partnering with Nestal and a leading international leasing company to offer leased models of its standard machines up to 3,000 kN. At the end of the lease period, the customer can decide to lease a new model, take over the exisiting one or just return the model.


"Our customers often receive orders with periods from four to seven years. Those who buy a machine specially for this purpose have to get use out of it afterwards. In our program, the customer can have the flexibility to rent production capacity only for the required period,” said Nadine Despineux, Vice President Sales at KraussMaffei.


The program is intended to give injection molding companies more flexibility in buying hardware and also keep these companies updated with new equipment without taking serious hits to the bottom line.


KrausMaffei will keep an inventory of CX ClassiX machines to speed up delivery.

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